The hidden park - the web series of Villa Durazzo Pallavicini

"The hidden park" 

Pills of curiosity from the Park of Villa Durazzo Pallavicini

Hello Friends of the Park,

I am pleased to announce thestarting a new initiative designed to make the relationship between the PARK and its PUBLIC ever more lively.

This is the activation of ours Youtube channel on which, from now on you will also find our video material: subscribe to stay up to date on new releases.

And speaking of new releases, the real news is that the YouTube channel has been opened to host our new initiative: a 7-part video column that we called “THE HIDDEN PARK - Pills of curiosity from the Park of Villa Durazzo Pallavicini”. You can see it HERE.

Every 15 days (generally on Thursday) we will publish a new episode or with a short story that will explain facts about the garden, news on the works or
on what happens unexpectedly.

Often I will be there, alas with my tired face, but gardeners, volunteers, collaborators and various animals who are the real masters of the place will also appear.

But above all there will be HIM,  Monsieur the PARK, seen from every angle, from above and from below to make, as the great philosopher said, “the wonder of the ONE thing”.

Enjoy watching the first episode and let us know what you think!

Silvana Ghigino,

Director of the Park of Villa Durazzo Pallavicini