Sales conditions

Sales conditions

We kindly ask you to carefully read what is to follow, referring to the purchase transaction executed through this portal.

1 . General conditions of online sales

The following general contract conditions regulate the sale of access passes (here referred to as tickets) to the service users and costumers (here referred to as clients) in order to visit the historical garden of V.D.P together with products and/or services paired with events, executed through the portal , legally established in L’arco di Giano coop. soc.,  via XVI giugno 1944, n. 7 c rosso – 16153 Genova, PI/CF IT02392880999

Ordering something from the web shop, the client states to have inspected all the indications given during the online purchase procedure, and to fully accept the general conditions and the payment described hereunder.

2. Access pass and events

2.1 The clients owning access passes on, have to buy valid access passes in order to get access to the event and take part to it.
Access passes clients follow the same regulation applied to regular clients.

2.2 The Availability of tickets is prone to variations until the transactions has not been completed through the payment.

2.3 The ticket purchase happens through the payment and the following confirmation of a successful transaction.

2.4 The cumulative ticket garden+museum represents a coupon

2.5 Access passes cannot be ceded (as a valuable consideration), nor can they be a mediation topic.

2.6 A.d.G is entitled to cancel an entrance ticket or a purchase order at any given time, for technical and or organizational reasons, specifically A.d.G reserves the right to automatically cancel any purchase transaction, if the payment is not completed during the fixed period of time. In case of annulment of a previously purchased access card, A.d.G will ensure the refund of the access pass.

3. Means of payment

The available means of payment have been established by “Arco di Giano…..” that can therefor apply restrictions and/ or exclusions to any mean of payment used by all the costumers , due to safety reasons.

The payment by credit card is administered through Paypal, an Italian leader society in banking systems and online e-commerce.

Transactions are completely safe and follow high-security protocols. Allowed credit cards are VISA, MASTERCARD, VISA ELECTRON and POSTEPAY. The authorization of the transaction by credit card is immediate and occurs together with the order confirmation, the final transaction may be subjected to some delays (couple of days).

The credit card data will not be administered nor memorized by servers or third parties outside from the ones above mentioned.

Paypal payment could be suggested automatically or it could require you to log in with your own account and proceed with the payment directly to the e-mail box submitted in the e-mail confirming the transaction that “Arco di Giano……” will send upon completion of the online purchase procedure.

The given payment will have to be integrally completed within the set limit of time.

4. Access passes costs and service fee

Additional fees, when present, may vary according to operating costs of the single payment services.
Potential surcharges will be explicitly underlined in dedicated sections during the purchase procedure of access passes.
In case of a specific pass shipment /delivery, such as shipping/delivery directly to the client, “L’Arco di Giano coop. soc.” will reserve the right to apply targeted service fees as a contribution for the delivery itself.

5. Acknowledgment of successful transaction

For every successfully completed transaction we will be submitting a notification directly to the mail box provided by the client during the registration phase.

Every notification will include an overview with data concerning: 1. the event linked to the purchase of access passes (and ticket typology) 2. The means of payment and submission /delivery, clients data together with a unique order code identifying the transaction itself.

It is necessary to keep a copy of the confirmation e-mail.

If however, you happen to receive an e-mail including a digital access pass, it will contain codes that will have to be shown directly at the entrance.

6. Exclusion from cancellation right and purchase annulment

The following contract covers the supply of products and services concerning leisure activities foreseeing a specific date and/ or execution. Therefor under article 59 comma 1 lettera n) D.Lgs. 206/2005, provision on the right to withdraw of articles 52 to 58 falling within the same decree-law, shall not apply once the contract has been concluded.

The clients will not be able to exercise such a right in connection with the purchase of access passes.

Once the laid down procedure has been completed, the user will be unable to cancel the concluded transaction.

7. Postponed or canceled events – garden closing

7.1 A.d.G is not to be held responsible for any possible inconvenience caused by changes in the planning linked to the cancellation of any given event or to the park closing due to: 1extreme weather reported by ARPAL, and/or high wind,2 by law measures,and /or safety assessments provided by the park management or unforeseen situations (E.g landslides, tree fallings, or the making safe after significant weather events, such as fires, ….) In the case where any of the above mentioned events had to happen, the client who bought the access pass will have the right to obtain a substitution of their own pass by sending an e-mail to, asking to partake to a forthcoming similar event (scheduled according to calendar) or to a park entrance for another date, all within 3 months. Not making any choice and after the 3 months period of time has passed, the access pass will no longer be valid.

7.2 In case the event had to be cancelled and not rescheduled during the following 3 months, the client will be able to seek a reimbursement for the access pass related to the specific event, with the exception of the pre-sale right and of the fees charged for the accomplishment of the service (applied surcharges connected to the payment and delivery) A.d.G coop will provide for transaction reimbursements according to its own means and time. The access passes connected to such events will not be swapped with others related to other events.

7.3 In any case A.d.G coop will not substitute the access pass in the event of it being lost , deteriorated, damaged or destroyed nor it being stolen or unreadable.

8. Withdrawal and delivery procedures

It will be possible to pick up tickets directly at the ticket office by bringing with you a copy of the previously sent e-mail, confirming the transaction has correctly taken place and containing a unique code of order.

Given the lack of the above- mentioned documentation, it will not be possible to pick up the already purchased access passes.

Passes qualifying for reductions will have to be shown when picking up the tickets. The impossibility of verifying the passes, will result in the payment of the full ticket price.

9. Responsibility and rights restrictions

L’A.d.G coop shall not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages suffered by the clients in relation to the provided services.
L’A.d.G coop reserves the right to modify , discontinue or interrupt any service at any given time, due to technical reasons and/ or organizational purposes.

10. Restrictions

Access passes cannot be used for any political business, advertising or any other promotion purpose. (E.g competitions) except in the case of a writer consent provided by L’A.d.G coo soc.

11. General info

11.1 Even in the event of one of the norms included in the contractual terms and conditions resulting to be inapplicable, the others will continue to be fully effective.

11.2 L’ A.d. G coop soc reserves the right to amend and or integrate the current contractual terms and conditions.



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